Social Media is one of the best ways we keep in touch and watch our little stars grow. You can always "Like" & feel free to "Share" our very own Larfabull British Bulldog Page on Facebook. 

Below you will also find some of our British Bulldog Babies that have found FANTASTIC new homes. All of them love a photo or ten and love to share them. Feel free to LIKE, SHARE and FOLLOW all of them and watch them grow as we do. #britishbulldogobsession lol 

Larfabull Sargent

Our amazing Insta-Famous star! He will bring a smile to anyones face and his lovely parents are always taking him on fantastic adventures. Feel free to follow and like all Sargent's adventures on Instagram: Sgt_bulldog.

Larfabull Bubbles

Bubbles is the daughter of Larfabull Sargent and is just as photogenic as her dad! She also takes after her mum (our Peaches) and loves a good belly rub! Follow her and her other British Bulldog Sister Harper and to nieces: Minnie Mouse and Fat Amy

Minnie Mouse and Fat Amy

These beautiful little girls are sisters and bred by Nahrlibullys. The Sire is our Fubu and Dam is their Harper. Just cute as buttons. You can follow them on Nahrlibullys Instagram along with Bubbles and Harper

Larfabull Leroy

This little pup is just the craziest little looker ever! He is also one of the naughtiest :p Keep up to date with his antics on Instagram: Leroy_and_Paulie

Larfabull Tonka & Larfabull Dozer

Luke and Liv have two Larfabull Bullies and we could not be happier with what a wonderful home they have gone to! Follow them on Instagram on luke_hollidaysmith or liv__hall.

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 7.55.44 pm

Aslan is an AMAZING SUPER PUP! His antics are no stop and his parents share it no stop! Give him at follow at aslan_the_bulldog. He is sure to brighten your day :)