December 2017

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year


Over recent months it has been VERY DRY on the farm so as many others did, we welcomed the rain. So did a beautiful but now super muddy Linda! This little pup has a BIG personality and to say we are excited to watch her grow is an understatement.

June 2017


Since arriving at the farm Bronson has been a cheeky boy and has sired TWO confirmed litters. 

Peaches is our first Dam to have confirmation that there are little paws brewing inside. 

This is her second litter and considering how outstanding her first litter of puppies were (our Piklett is one) we have no doubt that these little babies will be just as amazing if not more. If you click on the "OUR STARS" page, you will find more photos of Peaches along with information regarding her bloodline. You can also contact us for more information regarding this litter. 



The second litter is even more exciting as it is the first litter for our star Susan Pevensie. 

Suzan is the daughter of our late Pumpkin (dam) and our beautiful boy Fubu (Sire). As a pup she was cute as a button (which you can see in our "Puppies" page in the Narnia Collection) and this litter will be just as cute.

We know that our hands are going to be very full in the coming weeks but know that it will all be worth it. Larfabull British Bulldogs can not wait to spread BULLDOG cheer through out Australia. 


Welcome to the Farm BRONSON

Bronson is our new STUD on the farm as Fubu is preparing for retirement. We are absolutely amazed by how awesome this fella is! He is fantastic with the kids and grand kids and even more amazing with the rest of the farm family. He just loves it here on the farm and well with all the lady bulldogs a bloke could dream of, no wonder why πŸ˜‚. We can not wait to share more photos of this handsome devil!!!! and we are even more excited to see how handsome his puppies are!!!! 

Bulldog Update - Sooki & Bruiser

We recently received an update and some beautiful photos we couldn't help but share with everyone.

The stud, Bruiser (Solid Red & White) was born in our litter "Piklett & Conan". Sooki (White with the Red eye markings) is one of our girls that we had for many years and is now, along with Bruiser, warming the hearts of their new family. 

May 2017

Recently we advertised two beautiful baby girls Queenie and Ruby-Rose for sale, we are happy to announce they have now both found amazing new homes and we look forward to watching them grow. All the best to their new families and we just know they are going to be your world!

2017 Spring Bully Fest Aust. - Beenleigh

This month Larfabull and Nahrlibullys went on an adventure to the Beenleigh Showgrounds for the 2017 Spring Bully Fest presented by ABKC. We not only got to show off our furry family members but also meet some wonderful people and their fur babies! A huge thank you to all those that helped on the day (and the organising prior). A super big shout out to Leroy and Sargent for coming to visit! It was just wonderful seeing how big these boys have grown and although we may be bias, they are just perfect in every way! You can follow Leroy and Sargent on Instagram "pauly_and_leroy" & "sgt_bulldog". 

March 2017

Great News!!!

We still have two female puppies from our recent litter available, please contact us if you believe you will be able to give one of these girls an amazing home! We are so grateful that all the other puppies from our Piklet and Conan litter have gone to only the most outstanding homes and like all bulldogs, will be spoilt rotten. 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢


Although all our puppies have found new homes, Nahrlibullys have puppies available.  Larfabull Bubbles (who is on our 'Social Media Madness' page) is now the mum of eight, cute as a button, puppies. The sire to these adorable babies is none other than our super star, FUBU.

Bubbles is the daughter of Peaches and Larfabull Sargent (click on their names to view parents). Bubbles is also Piklett's little sister :

If you think that you would love to let one of these guys/gals melt your heart and chew your shoes, thank contact us through this website (click here) or phone Kacey on 0409191694. 

February 2017

Piklett had 6 PUPPIES


Valentines Day

We will definitely be adding more photos to our news feed and adding an album to our Puppies Page!!!!! Keep an eye out. Scroll down to our news in January 2017 to see more photos of Parents and Grand-dogs ;) and check out the 'Half a Dozen Roses' album in a puppy collections.

Puppy Progress Update 


This absolutely stunning pup is

Larfabull Aslan Wild Heart!

Surfing, skateboarding and breaking hearts 😍  πŸΆ

Follow the adventures: πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Facebook: AslanTheBulldog

We follow this gorgeous boy on instagram! He is a SUPER PUP! 

His is the brother to our Lucy & Susan Pevensie - The Narnia Collection! 

Definitely a lion at heart!


Puppy Progress Update 

This little guy is Larfabull Bruce Angus Wayne aka Angus!

He was only one of two puppies from a litter last year.

(photo album - It Takes Two to Tango)

Sire: Buffalobully Fubu 


January 2017

We are expecting a litter mid Feb. Below is photos of the excited Bulldog family 

We are so pleased to announce our beautiful Piklett is having puppies! Due mid February! She is an absolute gem and is going to be an amazing mum. The expecting father is Courtamar Petro, otherwise known as CONAN. His is also a lovely Red and White British Bulldog and has a wonderful temperament just like Piklet. 

Above is some photos of Conan.

He was born on 5th of December, 2014.


This is our beautiful Peaches who is the Dame of Piklett. You can find more out about her in the 'PEACHES' page. 

This handsome devil is Piklett's Sire - the one and only SARGENT. His is one of our puppies that has turned into a Insta-Star. Sgt_bulldog has over 99.4k followers!!! We are so proud of him and his parents. He is loved by millions. More about Sargent can be found in our "more - social media madness" page. 

December 2016 

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year

Earlier this year, we thought we would get the girls to pull the farms cart so they would be ready for sleigh pulling at Christmas. Wasn't too successful but our grand-daughter sure had fun with Larfabull Piklet & Larfabull Bubbles! 

Need less to say, we won't be getting a sleigh this Christmas for the girls to pull, we might just put them in the sleigh and take them for rides around the property! 

November 2016 

A Big Thankyou to everyone that came!

It was so much FUN!

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