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Cute Puppy Syndrome

1. When you see a puppy that is really cute that you want to squeeze the life right out of it
2. Not being able to control yourself around a cute puppy
Related to Cute Baby Syndrome

1. Person: (petting a cute puppy a little too vigorously and hugging it)
Puppy's Owner: Okayyy, get away from my dog, weirdo.
2. Person 1: Such a cute puppy! (playing with puppy while making several inappropriate sounds. Dog may be licking face or trying to run away)
Person 2: I think you have Cute Puppy Syndrome

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Larfabull Ron Jeremy (Sire) & Shoutlout Stella (Dam)

aka Travis & Tyra


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Larfabull Ron Jeremy & Iveyhaze Bessie - 2019

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Princess Olivia & Bronson -  2018

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Peaches & Bronson - 11th July 2017

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